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From The Dong with the Luminous Nose (1969).

The Edward Gorey Community

More than twenty years after his death, a thriving community of Edward Gorey scholars, fans, and collectors has dedicated itself to preserving and expanding Gorey’s legacy through events, exhibitions, and online projects. To begin exploring the worlds of Edward Gorey online, we enthusiastically recommend visiting the following sites:

The Edward Gorey House

The Edward Gorey House celebrates and preserves the life and works of Edward Gorey, an American author, illustrator, playwright, set and costume designer. In honor of his legacy, The House, owned and lived in by Gorey himself, displays his diverse and extraordinary talents and reflects his distinct personality. The House also honors Gorey’s passion and concern for animals, raising awareness about local and national animal welfare issues. As a dedicated commemoration to Gorey, the House strives to educate and inspire its visitors, offering a unique introduction to Edward Gorey, the artist and person. The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust, an ex-officio member of the Gorey House Board of Directors, works closely with the House to promote Edward Gorey and his legacy.


Goreyana is the long-running blog of Irwin Terry, who discusses the works of Edward Gorey primarily through images and personal observations of materials in his own Edward Gorey collection. Now in its fourteenth year, Mr. Terry’s blog offers close views of specific elements and patterns across Gorey’s vast oeuvre.


Glen Emil’s Goreyography grew out of a book and art exhibit space dedicated to Gorey at Zeno’s Used Books in San Francisco. It continues today as an “infoporium, a graphical galleria” of Edward Gorey’s works, with regularly updated lists and links to articles and conversations with fellow Gorey enthusiasts.


Goreyesque is an online journal sponsored by the Department of Creative Writing at the Columbia College, Chicago, originally designed as an anthology celebrating the Chicago debut of Gorey’s work at the Loyola University Museum of Art in 2014.

The Edwardian Ball

The Edwardian Ball is an internationally recognized festival of “art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author and illustrator Edward Gorey,” set in a “reimagined Edwardian Era.”